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Yes, crash….

After the three number one albums with Oasis  and two number one albums with Ash, I foolishly decided to take a break from producing other bands and start my own band. We had a few names….”Loomer” was probably the best…..”Muhammed” was probably the worst…..and we ended up as “Interzone”, which was neither here nor there. The other members were two lads from the village in Wales I was living in at the time, Simon and Matthew, and my friend Dave Larcombe, the drummer from The Bible! (Daves mother did warn him against joining another band after the mess that the Bible! became….how right she was).

My Oasis royalties were still coming in, so I had money to spend on what was essentially a self indulgent hobby. We went to Rockfield Studios and Real World Studios…and even Jacobs Studios in Farnham. We recorded maybe twenty songs over the course of a year. Tav (Stephen Taverner, Ashs manager….or “Slippery Tav” as Ash used to call him) offered to put them out on his own label. We released one ep and got played by Jo Whiley on Radio One before imploding in a confused and bitter state. My lawyer at the time, John Statham, did advise me that I would be better off taking my money down the bookies and putting it on a random horse, rather than keep spending on Interzone.

I’ve put the tracks from the ep we released on this pages mp3 player, because I actually quite like them. I always liked Simons singing and Matthews songs. And recording Dave Larcombe was always a happy event.

Also, in this period post the number one successes, I recorded an American band called Marah. It wasn’t the greatest of sessions, and is probably only notable for me because I quit working on the album a few days before I was going to fly out to New York to finish the album by having Bruce Springsteen play guitar and sing on the opening song. Whoops. But Serge and Dave were decent blokes, and deserved better than me at that time.

And finally, in what I now call, “my shit period”, I tried writing songs with my friend Steve Ludwin. Steve himself is a very talented  songwriter, but I am definitely not. So I wasted some time pissing around, attempting to write music (or actually, ripping off other peoples songs) very unsuccessfully. But I like the song “Junkies in the rain” that we did together, so that’s on this pages mp3 player too. Enjoy.

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