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  • Apparently I’m now so far ahead of the game that I’ve actually GAINED a whole year. Normally I don’t know what day it is…..shouldn’t computers and the internet automatically adjust dates and times?

    After I’d set my website up in November 2013 (keeping up with the modern age….), 2014 became my busiest year ever. Then I worked most of the way through 2015 until finally getting a break in October when Miracle Glass Companys album was completed. 



  • The first band I worked with in 2014 were The Jackals, from Edinburgh….. just round the corner from where I live.

    Scott and Paddy are lovely fellas.

    I enjoyed working with them.

    Scott said that my mixes had “Jedi shit going on”.


  • Then along came a Glaswegian…so much for the world wide web….Raymond Meade.

    Everybody Loves Raymond Meade.

    We started recording his album in June 2014 (f off Geoff!) and finished it the next February.

    It’s a great record.

    He’s a fine songwriter is Raymond.

    And a brilliant guitarist on the sly. 


  •  I discovered the joys of recording in Glasgow.

    We recorded at Cava Sounds. Thank you to Brian Young and Geoff Allen for everything.

    We had some very funny, strange moments.

    I became good friends with Raymond and Steph (Dougie) McKellar.

    And had seriously good recording sessions with Justin Currie and Steve Craddock on Raymonds album.

    Glasgow, eh? It’s not so bad.

  • From May till the end of July, Mick Rossi….legendary Slaughter and the Dog….asked me to mix his new album…..a band he’d formed with a fashion designer from Manchester, Christopher Wicks.

    It also featured a few of Mick’s old friends such as Glen Matlock and Clem Burke in the band from time to time.

    They are The Glorious

    And it is.



  •  Mick and I fitted like two peas in a pod.

    It’s a brilliant album.

    It’s very intense. Quite magnificent.

    I was in a similar mood to when I mixed Definitely Maybe: I had nothing to lose, so I might as well be 100% balls out full on and honest.

    Mick loved it.

    They’re alright, Christopher Wicks and Mick Rossi. Quality songs….and gentlemen of the highest possible caliber. 



  • In August I went to Barcelona for a month to record an album with Spanish psychedelic band, Stay.

    A psychedelic band was a totally new thing for me.

    Barcelona was good….we worked really hard…….laughed so much….ate the best food possible…..

    It was a fantastic experience and I will always be grateful to Stay for making it happen.


  •  Stay’s album is extremely good.

    And complex!

    I’m liking it more and more.

    Beautiful people every one of them.

    Singer and guitarist Jordi (1)…and drummer Jordi (2)…organist Irra… bastard on bass, Ivan (the terrible)…..and the incredibly talented Jose, on sitar.

    And of course Roger, who looked after me so well at Medusa Estudios.

    Recording Stay in Barcelona was an amazing thing to do.

  • Immediately after recording in Barcelona, I flew to Pheonix, Arizona, to finally meet and work with Prehab.

    I’d been talking to Jason Kay, lead guitarist from the band, for a couple of years.

    And now we’d got our schedules worked out and went in the studio to get recording.



  • We actually recorded at Sonic Ranch, in El Paso, Texas.

    I gotta say the biggest thank you to Tony Ranchich for building the greatest recording studio. Sonic Ranch is an exceptional facility to work in. I find it hard to imagine a more creative enviroment.

    And all respect and gratitude to Charles Godfrey….an extrodinary engineer and right hand man in the studio.


    This became one of my favourite ever recording sessions. Everyone had their shit together…….extreme time pressures….extreme concentration..…….massive electric guitars…….the best ever and hottest Mexican food……..

  • Here was the thing about working with Prehab: these men are my age……same life experiences…, drugs, divorce, love, sadness, chaos, sex, happiness…(and that was just me and Phil)…

    Aye, I’m getting all sentimental… just clicked……..I love them.

    I believe we’re going back to do it all again in February 2016.

    Good times. 


  • Mixing Prehab and Stay continued until February 2015.

    And then I headed back to Cava Studios in Glasgow to start recording Miracle Glass Company. Their album became an epic project and we finally finished recording and mixing it at the start of October. 




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