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And then The View turned up

Yes. Really. Reilly. The View. They turned up from Dundee.

I got a call from James Endeacott. Which surprised me. I’d met James socially a couple of times over the years. And we got on great. But there was a fair amount of piss taking and I never got the feeling that James would actually ask me to make a record for him. And now he’d been given his very own label by Sony after his successes at Rough Trade with The Strokes and The Libertines. James had done well. So it was a pleasant surprise when he rang to ask if I’d consider producing an album for his very first signing for his new label, a very young band from Dundee called The View. Apparently, when James Endeacott told his friend, James Oldham that he was considering asking me, James Oldham told him to be serious: did he want a proper album or not?!

Anyway, we made Hats off to the buskers and had a number one album and four hit singles.

Then we made Which Bitch?….which didn’t do so well: Radio One stopped playing indie guitar music a couple of months before it was released. Which was a shame.

The View are very, very good when they are good.

They also have some real quality people around them…..Marco, McPhail…..Karlene and Charlene……endless bloody Dundoneans (I wanted to move there at one time…)..

I’ve written very brief bits about recording the two albums…..some of it’s worth getting into more detail, but I was just trying to get something in place for now.

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  • I’m writing this quickly……I’ll come back to The View sessions at a later date.
    We recorded the views first album on a farm near Skegness ??? York????  The band were set up in a cowshed and the control room was in a barn.
    It was good fun.
    I remember that the farm/studio provided a Land Rover for us to use…..and within three hours, while I was setting up my equipment, the band came and told me that they’d just totalled the Land Rover in a high speed crash where they were all lucky to walk away alive. The View.
    We recorded the twelve songs in twelve days. They played each song about twenty times and I edited together the good bits. Kyle sang a few times and Pete overdubbed a lead guitar on each one. And that was it. 

  • There are about six tunes on this album that are pretty much the best recordings I’ve been involved with.

    This album gets a bad press. But listen to 5 Rebecca’s and One Off Pretender and Temptation Dice and Distant Doubloon….this album contains some of all of our finest moments.

    There’s definite inconsistency…..and I can see that the band didn’t enamour themselves to the music business (why should they, after all?).

    And we recorded and delivered the fourteen tracks requested within time and within budget. And the music, when it was good, was outrageously good. 

    We had the funniest time in Monnow Valley studios. Kyle falconer only went to sleep once every two weeks. We were only there for four weeks.

    Then they moved us to Brixton to finish recording. And we did.

    I mixed back in Crickhowell. 

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